I know, it’s been like forever right? Let me explain….

A few months ago I began asking God to reveal to me my life’s purpose. I started to recognize tests that were put before me, and the way I praised and prayed myself through each one. I felt like I was finally starting to become so much closer to God and that something major was going to happen soon.

Something major was right!!! On a beautiful Friday afternoon, I called my husband crying hysterically. I lost my job. As he tried to calm me I was filled with emotion and a list of buts. “But what about our son, but what about the bills, but what are we going to do???” Daddy B responded as calm as humanly possible, “I got it baby, has God ever let us down before?” There it was, my true test. God was simply asking, “do you trust me?”

While my amazing husband has had to work extra hours and we’ve had to make some sacrifices, our family is getting stronger everyday. We are still smiling and thanking God for every blessing (We have received soooooo many). I don’t know what God has in store for us, but I do trust that He will be there every step of the way. Do you trust Him?