I cannot believe it has already been 6 months!!! Through the sleepless nights and messy blowouts we have had a blast! Below I will list the products that have really helped us in his first 6 months.

This has been a life saver for the days of the snotty nose. Of course he doesn’t like it, but it gets all of the snot out!

This double electric pump has really helped to make going back to work easier. It even comes with storage bags that attach to the pump to make storing super easy.

Tommee Tippee
Thankfully we didn’t have to go through numerous bottle brands. He loved the Tommee Tippees right away! They’re design is much like a mother’s natural breast so the transition was pretty smooth.

We love love love the Bumbo!!! It’s perfect for his puréed food feedings and has really helped him to sit up. He was sitting up on his own at 4 months!!!! (Super proud Mom)

It has been amazing to see him grow and learn, I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!

What are some of your go to baby products?