imageI remember my 24th Birthday quite vividly. I reserved a private section with bottle service for me and my closest friends at my favorite nightclub, The Horn. I had on the cutest dress and the perfect up do, exciting right? I arrive around 10:30 expecting everyone to be there and to my surprise my best guy friend Kenny was the only one there.

I tried my best to keep my composure and have a good time as the phone calls and text of regret started to come in. Soon there after, tears started to flow as I began to explain to Kenny how unhappy I was with my life. At 24 I thought I was behind, that I should be married or at least in a committed relationship. Obviously uncomfortable with all the tears, Kenny calmly said, “You can’t rush God’s timing, our plans don’t always fall inline with His ultimate plan. Trust God and if marriage is what you want and what He has for you, He will fill that void”.

Needless to say, I took his advice and focused on me and my relationship with the Man above. Fast forward a year later, I was invited to one of my best girlfriends house for a July 4th BBQ. I met the most handsome guy there and he was totally giving me “the look”! I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, it was truly love at first sight. We dated for a while and he turned out to be everything that I had prayed for and I was so in love.

I always say that 4 is our special number. We met on the 4th, and could you believe that my knight in shining armor proposed to me 4 months later?? It was the perfect proposal from the man God made perfect for me! I had waited all my life for this moment and it was totally worth the wait!!!